[How to choose tomatoes]_How to choose_How to choose

Different foods have different methods of selection.

For vegetables, freshness and color are important criteria for selection.

For example, the fresher the green leafy vegetables, the more nutrients they contain, and the darker the color, the more vitamins and chlorophyll content.

So how do you pick tomatoes?

It also depends on the freshness and color depth, and also on the shape.

Tomatoes, also known as tomatoes, are rich in nutrients and sweet and sour. They can be eaten raw, mixed with vegetables, and fried. They are an essential dish on the table.

1. The more red the color, the better. This means naturally ripe tomatoes, not artificial red tomatoes.

The more red tomatoes are, the more mature they are.

2. Identify artificially ripened red tomatoes. In order to market as soon as possible, or to sell them well, some businesses carry out artificial ripening of tomatoes. In this way, tomatoes are not fully developed and are not delicious.

Several methods can be used to distinguish ripe tomatoes: One is the size: the ripe tomatoes are not round in shape and are mostly prismatic in shape.

The second is the internal structure: view the tomatoes open, ripe tomatoes are less juicy, seedless, or the seeds are green.

Naturally ripe tomatoes are juicy and have red flesh and earthy yellow seeds.

The third is the taste: the ripened tomato flesh is hard and tasteless, the taste is astringent, and the natural ripeness is moderately sweet and sour.

3, the round shape of the skin is thin and elastic and delicious. You can choose the round shape of the tomato first, those that are prismatic or the skin has spots are not very good.

Then squeeze the tomatoes by hand. The skin is thin and elastic, and the tomatoes that are firm and not soft are good tomatoes.

4. The circle at the bottom (fruit pedicle) is small and delicious. Many tomatoes in the greenhouse now have more tendons and are not delicious. You can observe the bottom of the tomato (fruit). If the circle is small, it means that there are less tendons and more water.The flesh is full and delicious, while the tomatoes with a large circle at the bottom are more glutinous and not tasty.

5. It is not advisable to eat all-blue tomatoes. The tomatoes that are completely bronze have not yet matured and contain tomatophylline. If eaten in large amounts, the human body will suffer from discomfort such as nausea.It doesn’t matter.