[How to make green pepper eggplant]_The common practice of green pepper eggplant _The practice of green pepper eggplant _How to make green pepper eggplant

When the disease came, it was silent. It is very likely that we were always eating outside. We should take it as a lesson. The following is an introduction to simmered green pepper eggplant. We will cook for ourselves in the future.


Wash the green peppers, remove the seeds, cut the seeds into small pieces, peel the garlic cloves and cut into pieces, and cut the lemons into small pieces. Reserve the dried soy sauce with wine and soak them softly for later use2.

1 Add tempeh, chopped green pepper, lemon, and minced garlic to a wok bowl, add seasonings: salt, sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and mash the juice with a stick 3.

2 Wash and remove the eggplant to make it cooked. Add it to the steamer until it is cooked or wrapped in a film.

Heat 2 spoons of pepper oil and pour into the wok bowl and mix well. Put the steamed eggplant in the wok bowl and stir until taste. Spread the fried sesame seeds to eat the wok bowl of green pepper eggplant. The steps have been introduced.Then you can go into the kitchen and get ready for practice.

And I believe that you can complete the cooking of this cuisine through a few times of practice, and you will be very excited at that time.